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#MotivationMonday: MOM BOSS Edition!

Heather Born To Wear Diamonds Blog

The journey that I am on with Chloe + Lois leads me to not only interesting places, but puts me in touch with SO many interesting and inspiring people. 

In the past, the normal focus for my motivation Monday posts have been to support and highlight Women primarily in Small Business. Then something dawned on me as I flipped through my Instagram stories- women shouldn't only be celebrated because they own businesses, they should be celebrated for their tremendous accomplishments in their everyday lives.

I came across Heather a few months ago and loved all of her Instagram posts- in a world of people "turning it up" for Instagram, she keeps it real- and I appreciate that. We need more "real" in a world of staged perfection. Heather may not own an actual business, but she definitely deserves all the credit in the world as a blogger (www.borntoweardiamondsblog.com) full time Wife + Mom of THREE. The chaos immediately ensued as soon as we started with the shoot when her son legit stepped on her poor daughters head. It got ugly, but Heather handled it with complete grace.

C+L: How did you come up with your blog name “Born to Wear Diamonds”, and what does it mean to you? 

H: The name was inspired by my daughter Sophia back in 2012.   I was looking to start a fashion/Mommy blog and she was wearing a onesie with the phrase, "Born to Wear Diamonds". Then it just hit me- The name was reflective of her birth month, April, so naturally, she WAS born to wear diamonds.  Plus, anything that sparkles catches my eye.  Since 2012,  Born to Wear Diamonds tries to offer encouragement, knowledge, inspiration, maybe a giggle or two to celebrate the journey we call mamahood.  As mamas, we should always sparkle!

C+L: How long have you been blogging for? 

H: Five years

C+L: What inspired you to begin sharing your everyday life through your blog?

H: I created Born to Wear Diamonds as a fun and creative outlet but what I didn't know is how many other mamas were out there, asking the same type of questions I was- there's no one way to be a mama.. So I just started sharing my journey, as well as my interests in fashion, beauty, wellness, DIY and when my daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease, gluten free eating.  There's nothing better than feeling like you can relate to another mama who's child had a melt-down in Target because he couldn't get a squishy ice cream toy #thestruggleisreal
C+L: What are your favorite things to blog about and why? 

H: I enjoy my fashion, beauty, DIY, Disney and wellness posts but my most favorite are sometimes the hardest ones to write- the real struggles of mamahood.  When I shared the journey of my daughter and son needing early intervention services, the diamondtribe was right there, sharing their stories, offering their advice and reassuring me, everything will be OK.  I honestly felt the love and relief...the power of blogging/social media is truly unreal. 

C+L: How do you handle being a full time Mother of three while maintaining a blog?

H: Haha!  I often refer to myself as a Hot Mess.  I'm not going to lie, it's a juggling act and I don't have it down to a science just yet.  I do the majority of my work when the kids are sleeping or before they wake.  But I've learned that there will be times that the baby just doesn't want to sleep and to just cherish the snuggles... They won't last forever #tear
C+L: What are your favorite Chloe + Lois pieces and why? 

H: I absolutely adore the Silver Linings Disc Earrings- they are so versatile and are just what I need to have a little-added sparkle! My ears are pretty sensitive and because these are made from sterling silver, I have no problem wearing them for long periods of time. They are mama-proof - my son doesn't try to pull them out of my ear like dangle earrings.  The Rose Gold Madeline ring is just sooo beautiful! It's delicate yet stunning and it's top is smooth so it doesn't snag on any material or scratch a child #momprobs


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