#MotivationMonday Girlboss Edition: Alyssa Woitach from True North Bri – Chloe + Lois


#MotivationMonday Girlboss Edition: Alyssa Woitach from True North Bridal


True North Bridal: Simple Gowns with a Unique Twist

C+L: Tell us a little bit about you and your business-

TNB: True North Bridal Studio is a space for the spirited bride. The bride who is looking for something a little different, a little bit more “them”. We pride ourselves on a laid back, fresh approach to searching for that perfect bridal look. 

We carry bridal gowns and accessories from independent designers that you won’t find everywhere else. True North supports small scale makers because it allows for a more intimate and fun experience. Plus, we are passionate about working with other small businesses and entrepreneurs, just like us.  

We celebrate individuality and believe every bride deserves to feel truly comfortable and confident as they marry their “true north”. We live for love and the stories each bride has to share. True North is all about getting to know each other and creating lasting connections.


C+L: How did you get into the wedding space?

TNB: Through planning my own wedding! I LOVED planning our wedding. To me, it was the whole “your vibe attracts your tribe” thing come to life. My husband and I stayed true to ourselves through it all. And in turn, we ended up working with the best vendors and having the wedding that was perfect for us. When it was over, I was so bummed I wasn’t going to be able to work with all these crazy talented and kind-hearted people anymore! They reignited a creative energy in me and were just an amazing example of what was possible if you just work hard and be yourself.

So when the opportunity to take over True North came around, it was a hell yes. I connected so authentically with the previous owner Katee and found my own gown here at True North. So I know first hand the magic this place has.

I made the decision to leave my corporate life and take a chance on this industry and True North… and I haven’t looked back. Being a female entrepreneur is so empowering. And I love that I get to be in this magical world of weddings. How could you not?


C+L: True North Bridal seems like a very intimate and unique environment. How are you able to create this?

TNB: I was attracted to True North for the same reason my brides are today. And I learned so much from the previous owner Katee. She and I are so similar in so many ways, and so I really just do what feels right to me. Everything is focused on making sure the bride can be free to be herself. I want her to feel comfortable and confident. I like to get to know my brides, ask them questions, and make sure they know they can tell me anything. 

The unique thing about our studio is we are by appointment only. Meaning it’s just the bride, their crew, and me. One bride at a time. This cuts down on overwhelm and allows us to have a more one-on-one experience, which is so important in creating that connection.


C+L: How do you decide what types of dresses to bring into the salon?

TNB: We work with mainly independent designers. It’s integral to our brand to support other badass entrepreneurs. This makes everything more intimate, creative, and fun. Plus, most small scale makers have a focus on sustainability. It’s important for us to support the slow fashion movement whenever possible, to make sure we are doing our part for the environment. 

The True North brides want to be comfortable on their wedding day. Comfort equals confidence. I keep that top of mind when choosing styles for the studio. Aside from comfort, I look to carry a mix of fabrics, silhouettes, and details. True North brides love simple gowns but with a unique twist.

And I welcome feedback! I take the time to listen to each bride. What are they are loving? What they are maybe not so fond of? Feedback feedback feedback. That is the key.


C+L: What do you love most about what you do?

TNB: Easy. The people and their stories. I love helping women celebrate themselves and the life they are creating with their partner.


C+L: What is a lesson you have learned from running your own business?

TNB: Done is better than perfect. That is my motto day in and  day out.


C+L: If you could give a short piece of advice for someone looking to start a business, what would it be?

TNB: Everyone says just go for it and I agree with that to a certain extent. However, I think you should really check in with yourself and understand what you need to feel confident in making the leap. Maybe you need to save up a certain amount of money, maybe you need support from a loved one, or maybe you need a safety net. Get honest with yourself about what it would take for you to make the move. And then create a road map to get there. Take little steps every day in the direction of your dream.


C+L: We think Chloe + Lois is a perfect wedding accessory. What is your favorite piece?

TNB: I love a good ear climber so I’m going to have to go with the Crown Climbers. I think they are simple but modern and unique… just like the True North bride!