#MotivationMonday Girlboss Edition: Leslie and Kelsey from Dixie & Dot – Chloe + Lois


#MotivationMonday Girlboss Edition: Leslie and Kelsey from Dixie & Dot

The beauties and brains behind Dixie & Dot

C+L: What inspired you to begin Dixie & Dot? 

D+D: We began Dixie & Dot with the vision and intention of wanting to bring market items that are perfect for gifting your girlfriends. D+D is all about celebrating woman and having a good time!


C+L: What are some of your passions and how have those passions shown through in your business? 

D+D: Having fun, laughing and experiencing a true zest for life. These passions show through in every aspect in our business. We believe having fun and laughing is the true secret to a full life.


C+L: What are some of the biggest struggles that you have a faced as small business owners and how have you overcome them? 

D+D: "Struggle" isn't necessarily a word that we like to reference. We have experienced some "growing pains," but have taken those in stride because it means we are growing!


C+L: What are some of your successes and how do you celebrate them? 

D+D: Dixie & Dot is a little over a year and a half old and we have scaled the business to have multiple items available to the masses. Booze N' Babes was crafted by Les and I with a clear vision of wanting to create a fun, innovative, GNO game- bringing these items to market has been a great success for us!


C+L: Which pieces from Chloe + Lois are your favorite and why?

D+D: We love all of the Chloe + Lois pieces. They are elegant and timeless without breaking the bank. Does it get any better than that?