#MotivationMonday Girlboss Edition: Jackie Zukerman from NEXTonSCENE® – Chloe + Lois


#MotivationMonday Girlboss Edition: Jackie Zukerman from NEXTonSCENE®

Showcasing Tomorrow's Scene Today

C+L: Tell us a little bit about you and your business-

JZ: NEXTonSCENE® is a TALENT SCOUT for businesses. Connecting you with your IDEAL partnerships and clientele while also giving back and supporting the community. We offer multiple outlets to showcase our talent through events, social media, our nationwide magazine and podcast! 

NEXTonSCENE® showcases a preview of what's happening today but is about to be the NEXT big thing tomorrow. We highlight upcoming entrepreneurs, socialites, and celebrities quarterly. We feature everything from wellness, beauty, fashion, tech, tips to latest trends, advice, NEXT products you need in your life and much more. Our ultimate goal is to help rising stars #GETSCENE today!


C+L: How did you get into the media space?

JZ: I kind of fell into it, I have a background in PR , Casting and Events and when I relocated to Boston I didn't know anyone. It was kind of like i forced myself to create a cost effective way for solopreneurs and people doing new ventures to get seen and heard via social media and YouTube!


C+L:When did you first start podcasting and how do you decide what topics you want to focus on?

JZ: In 2014,within 24 hours of moving to Boston from New York, I landed an assistant stylist job on Top Chef. After 6 weeks everyone went their separate ways to Los Angeles and New York and I was back to square one with no job and no friends outside of my amazing husband and his family. I forced myself to start networking and landed at this startup for podcasts when podcasts really started to take off in 2014 that basically threw me into the fire and gave me my show to host.

As much as I loved it, it wasn't paying my bills and my income from Top Chef was wearing out quickly.  I knew I loved interviewing people so I needed to figure out a way to make it profitable!

I went to YouTube, learned how to build my own podcast setup in my guest room closet and from there my business took a big turn. I was finally driving my own income for small businesses, startups and celebrities doing new ventures through my podcast. It became a full marketing package from not only being interviewed, but included social media exposure, blog write ups and getting exposure above and beyond my expectations which led to the FULL take off of all my services I now offer. 


C+L: What do you love most about what you do?

JZ: I love seeing the results people experience to achieve their greatest goals and dreams with my work. The connections they make, the client leads they get it just truly LIGHTS ME UP. 


C+L: What are some ways you put yourself in a positive mindset to achieve your business goals ?

JZ: Meditation, affirmations, doing lots of spiritual work and pushing myself to things out of my comfort zone. 


C+L: What is one lesson that you have learned from starting your own business?

JZ: There will ALWAYS be ups and DOWNS. Celebrate your little wins!!! For every win should be celebrated. One day you will look back and be like wow those were BIG WINS! 


C+L: If you could give a short piece of advice to someone looking to start their own business, what would it be?

JZ: Protect yourself -- create contracts, put yourself out there and be EVERYWHERE on social media. My podcast BECOMING NEXTonSCENE® truly shares my ups and downs experiences where you can get free advice and insight on how to incorporate into your own life! 


C+L: What is your favorite Chloe + Lois piece?

JZ: 14K Gold Vermeil Square Opal Ring!