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Look Book: Fall Style Staples

Fall Style Fashion Staples

Fall is my FAVORITE SEASON EVER! I love the smell of a good fall scented candle burning at my house. I love lazy Football Sundays. I love the chill in the air. If you live in the Northeast like me, it's hands down the best time to be out in about. Not only is the foliage breathtaking, but the local farms are packed with people picking apples, pumpkins and consuming a copious amount of apple cider donuts (it's ok, I don't judge).

Come late September the Hudson Valley area is transitioning from summer to fall, so the weather is a little allover the place. It could be a 90 degree "fall day" or a real, 60 degree fall day. With that said, it's always best to be prepared to peel off layers.

Here are the fall fashion staples that you need to add to your wardrobe ASAP so you can eat those cider donuts in style:


1. A Neutral Cardigan. I scored the grey beauty below from a boutique in my town, Haven Boutique (don't worry! you can shop online too!) I am always in the market for something a step up from the norm so the second that I saw that this cardigan had slit detail in the back I couldn't possibly say no to it! Best part? it layers beautifully over a white or dark grey tank. Experiencing a hotter than usual fall day? Take the cardigan off, wrap it around your waist and rock the tank that you layered underneath.

2. Distressed Jeans and Cute Boots. (Photo Courtesy of GalMeetsGlam). You could really do light or dark jeans with the grey cardigan, both look great together. As for boots? I am always a fan of Hunter Boots, or Sorels.

Last but not least- the necessary details to complete the look:

3. Chloe + Lois Delicate Stackable Earrings. The Silver Linings Collection adds just the right amount of noticeable sparkle to this outfit.  You can keep it simple with one bar or disc earring, or stack it up for a more chic dramatic look.

4. A Chloe + Lois Delicate Statement Ring. The Chloe + Lois "Lois" Ring may be delicate, but it makes a beautiful statement and the perfect addition to any outfit.

Voila! Now get out there for some fall fun. Go for that second (or third) cider donut- you deserve it girl!



Fall Style Staples


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