Women Owned Businesses We Love: Amanda's Macaron Shoppe

Amanda creating her beautiful macarons
Ready to eat!

C+L: Tell us a little bit about your business- what do you do on a regular day?

AMS: Well at the moment, I am still working full time as the pastry chef at Lolas cafe in New Paltz, but when I’m not there I try to focus my free time on the business. On my days off my partners and I (there are three of us) go to the kitchen we rent in Kingston and start production. My job consists of making the macaron shells, making the buttercream and fillings, and assembling them. My other partner (my boyfriend, Vin Roth) is in charge of marketing, all of the financials, shipping, and labeling. The third partner (VJ Collins) is in charge of packing, delivery, and branding. We all like to bounce ideas for new flavors around with each other which is always fun.


C+L: Macarons are hard to come by. Who introduced you to them?

AMS: I attended the Culinary Institute of America after I graduation high school in 2011 to study baking and pastry. While attending, my classmates and I would stop at the apple pie bakery where they had a nice selection of them. I instantly fell in love!  


C+L: What did you do before you started Amanda’s Macaron Shoppe?

AMS: After graduating the Culinary Institute of America in 2012, I started working in the pastry department of the Boston Red Sox for a season. Soon thereafter, I took on the role of Head Baker at the prestigious White Barn Inn in Kennebunkport Maine. After about a year in Maine, I decided to come back home and began working at Mill House Brewing Company. After being there for about four years, I decided to move on. Shortly after, I began working at Lolas cafe in New Paltz, as their pastry chef.  


C+L: What are some ways you put yourself in a positive mindset to achieve your business goals? 

AMS: Before starting a day in the kitchen, I try to get my head straight with a plan for the day, like making a list. Then, while working I love making different playlists to rock to while baking!

    C+L: Where can we find your macarons?

    AMS: Right now, we sell our macarons online as well as at Chakra Bowls in Poughkeepsie, Laura’s family restaurant in Poughkeepsie, Samuels sweet shop in Rhinebeck, the Beacon Daily in beacon, and beginning to work with some local catering companies.


    C+L:  If you could give a short piece of advice for someone looking to start a business, what would it be?

    AMS: Make sure you know your worth. Some people may try and put you down, but it’s important to be strong and stand your ground!  


    C+L: What are your favorite Chloe + Lois pieces?

    AMS: I was never a huge jewelry person, but decided to take a look at the collection when I was at Chakra Bowls. I was so impressed and decided on the rose gold air blue Swarovski Lois necklace. I literally haven’t taken it off since, and receive so many compliments!

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