Chloe + Lois Founder Brooke Anthony
I know we just met, but I feel naked when I leave the house without wearing jewelry. My late Grandmother, Lois is the woman that I have to thank for feeling that way. She was an avid QVC shopper who, I kid you not- once purchased a Christmas Ham off of QVC. In addition to the ham, she also purchased me a heck of a lot of Diamonique Jewelry. I was probably the youngest kid to ever acquire the stuff back in its heyday. Lois is the reason I love jewelry as much as I do.
But! OK- this isn't a story about my Grandmother's shopping addiction, rather this is a story about how I decided to stop doubting myself and give myself a royal GLOW UP. I started CHLOE + LOIS while I was working a mundane, 9-5 job. I never quite felt fulfilled in Corporate America and often felt lost and completely unaware of the direction that my life was headed. My career fate was often determined by others and I didn't like that. My self esteem was shot. I felt like corporate America clipped my wings and I was meant to stay grounded.
But deep down inside, I wanted to take control of my own destiny and live life by my own rules, and inspire positive change along the way.
During this period of career uncertainty, in 2017 my boyfriend and I got engaged. Wedding planning began and I was on a quest for the perfect pair of earrings for me and my bridal party to wear on our big day. I'm pretty particular and I couldn't find exactly what I wanted, so I took matters into my own hands and started to design dainty, beautiful pieces on my own.
Brooke Anthony Chloe + Lois
With the help of friends that I had working in the industry (and my trusty dogs, Chloe and Maddie by my side), I learned how to bring a sketch pad of drawings that looked like a 3 year old drew them (but I really did, I'm 35) to life!
I launched Chloe + Lois a few months later and juggled Corporate life and Small Business life. Things took off and I exited corporate America only one short year after launching Chloe + Lois.
My once clipped wings grew back and I started to fly.
It was an incredible feeling.
But then I started to wonder how many other women out there experienced the same feelings of doubt that I did, and needed someone to support and push them to be the best version of themselves. I set out to build a brand based on strength, positivity and beauty- and the wish for each woman to see the potential in herself and to unapologetically live up to it.
Chloe + Lois is about more than just jewelry. Its about how you feel when you wear it. How others call you out and compliment you when they see you wearing it. You feel seen, you feel heard. And that is my mission. To make every woman feel illuminated and empowered while wearing Chloe + Lois.
Thank you for coming with me on this crazy ride.
We're going to change the world together.. but promise me one thing.
That you'll always believe in yourself, because you are limitless.
Chloe + Lois Brooke Anthony