Women Owned Business We Love: Chakra Bowls

1. How did you get started in this business and how long have you been doing it for?

CB: This all started from my want to learn more about wellness as part of a lifestyle. I began doing endless research about superfoods, herbs, and food as medicine. It intrigued me so much. I was learning this at the same time I was getting deeper into my yoga practice, and in certain ways, they absolutely intertwined. I started learning about the Chakra System, and how certain foods from the earth were related to different chakras, and by eating these foods, you could heal parts of your body—physically and emotionally. I began a blog, activated an Instagram, and started posting. I took a liking to smoothie bowls in particular, because it is so easy to jam pack nutrients, in endless combinations, and make them look pretty awesome for photos.  Friends started asking for their own bowls, and pretty soon I was delivering. It continued to grow until I felt an actual storefront location was necessary. Here we are! And I couldn’t be happier. 
2. I love the vibe of your Instagram page, not only is it full of pictures of drool-worthy bowls, but it is also the bearer of good vibes. How has the power of positive thinking allowed you to catapult from a little operation out of your home and into your very first storefront location?
CB: That is so sweet—thank you! I think good vibes are critical! Whether it’s meeting someone face to face or crafting their food. I tried to convey that throughout my posts, because I believe that true health is not only what you eat. It’s what you’re saying; it’s how you're feeling. It’s all got to be positive, to truly be considered wellness. 
3. What are some of your passions, and how have those passions show through in your business?
CB: My passions are happiness, making others smile, and helping other be truly healthy. It’s SO important. Health is wealth, and I do believe that the healthier you are, the easier it is to focus on things that make you happy. I think we all deserve to feel this way, daily. I hope that my bowls and menu allow people to feel happy because the items are crafted to be aesthetically appealing, before you even taste them. Then, they are all packed with superfoods that will leave an after effect of making you feel good physically. To me, this is so important. 
4: Tell me a little bit about your menu, what is your best seller? what is YOUR favorite bowl?
CB: The Gypsy Bowl, which has a base of organic dragon fruit, organic mango purée, almond milk and frozen banana, is a top seller. It has this vibrant pink color that screams eye candy. It’s topping with tropical fruits like mango, kiwi and coconut, along with strawberries, blueberries and almonds. It’s for sure the top Instagrammed bowl on the menu :) The avocado toast is a real winner too. I try to add fun to each item, and they are all thoughtfully crafted behind the concept “feed your body, nourish your soul”. 
5. What matters the most to you, and how do you celebrate life?
CB: Staying true. Finding balance. Everyone is different! And it’s really important for me, with such a busy life, to remind myself of these two things. When I focus on these, I know I will make the right decision for myself and others. 
6. What inspired you to begin this business journey?
CB: I’ve always wanted to own my own business. It’s been an innate part of me since I was young trying to figure out how to generate extra money from the tooth fairy (lol). I have worked in the hospitality and customer service industry for many years. I graduated from Marist in advertising. I became a certified yoga instructor, and I have a deep interest in holistic health. It might seem like my interests and education are all over the place. But, Chakra Bowls encompasses all of these parts of me, into one. It feels like home, and I really enjoy that. So many strong, independent people have inspired me to take on this venture, and my hope is to inspire others, too. 
7. Which pieces from Chloe + Lois are your favorite, and why?
CB: I am absolutely OBSESSED with the “Drop in the Ocean” earrings. I’m having a boy! And they are the perfect daily reminder of the gift I have coming. The blue is so radiant—I’ve never received so many compliments on a pair of earrings. I’m equally obsessed with the rose gold Chloe Ring—it exudes happiness and is my go to accessory when I want to feel pretty :) 

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