How to Pick the Perfect Size Ring For Every Finger!

Chloe + Lois customers love to put a ring on every finger to create their own, unique style! But the hardest part of picking out rings for different fingers is knowing the correct size to purchase.
What many don't know is that there is a general rule of thumb that is followed to estimate the size of each of your fingers. It's simple to calculate and all it requires is knowing one measurement: the size of your ring finger (in the case of the chart, "x"). Don't worry, you don't need to be a mathematician to calculate these measurements; it's simple!
Here's an example: I know that my ring finger is a size 7. Following the rules of the chart, that would make me a size 5 on my pinky, 8 on my middle finger, 8 on my index finger and a size 9 on my thumb.
Please note: **this is an estimate.**
Chloe + Lois How to Pick the Perfect Size Ring For Every Finger Ring Measurement

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