Women Owned Businesses We Love: Opal & Amber Soap

Lauren Opal & Amber Soap

C+L: What inspired you to start this business journey with Opal & Amber?

O&A: I began making soap as a creative outlet. I always enjoyed finding new projects to work on but nothing ever really stuck until I began making soap and since I'm pretty particular about what I put on my skin, it was a win-win! What started as a hobby, quickly turned into a passion project. I began making so much soap that I began giving it away to family and friends. When I got so many positive responses from some of my first batches, I kept going and then finally decided to make it official and launch Opal & Amber as a business.

C+L: What are some of your passions, and how to they show through your business?

O&A: Although I am 100% an introvert, I really enjoy meeting and connecting with new people. I love to make people smile and laugh and Opal & Amber has enabled me to make friends outside my circle that I wouldn't have met otherwise!

C+L: What are some of the biggest struggles that you have faced as a small business owner and how have you overcome them?

O&A: I suppose one of my biggest struggles as a small business owner is simply figuring it out. I quickly learned that there is much more to owning a soap business than making the soap.  Luckily, I've had the opportunity to surround myself with other small business owners who have been where I am and are happy to share their knowledge with me.

C+L: What are your successes and how how do you celebrate them?

O&A: At the beginning of every year, I create a vision board which lives on the desktop background of my laptop. This year, my vision board included some goals for Opal & Amber, many of which I've already surpassed (woohoo!), such as growing my soap inventory and expanding to offer other products, too. When I reach a goal, I know that I'm ready for the next step, so to celebrate I take the next leap and try something new!

C+L: Which pieces from Chloe + Lois are your favorite and why?

O&A: I love the Esther's Pearl necklace because it is simple, classic and feminine. The Rose Gold Lois ring is next on my list!

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