My name is Brooke Anthony, and I am the founder of Chloe + Lois. I design awesome jewelry, for awesome Women. To get started: I'll answer the first question that everyone asks me when they discover Chloe + Lois- "who is Chloe? and who is Lois?", Chloe is my beloved Yorkshire Terrier and Lois is my late Grandmother.

My passion for jewelry was passed down to me by Grandmother Lois at a very young age. She would always buy me jewelry; she always wore jewelry and would never leave home without it. As an avid QVC shopper, Lois had me decked out in Diamonique jewelry as a pre-teen. I was a pretty fancy, accessorized kid all thanks to Nana.

As I grew older, my jewelry collection grew and grew, and jewelry became a staple in my life. I would feel naked leaving the house without some piece of jewelry on, whether it be a pair of earrings, statement ring, necklace or bracelet.  In my early 20's I would come up with creative ways to 'preserve' the cheapo pieces I would purchase from Forever 21 to wear on an adventurous night of bar hopping throughout my town (I would literally place a thin coat of clear nail polish on all of my rings to "seal in" the stones and to protect the gold finish. It may sound innovative, but I assure you- my fingers were still green.)


Chloe + Lois Brooke Anthony

Fast forward to 2017 when my then boyfriend- Paul, asked me to marry him in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The day after our engagement we were shopping in the popular "9 Streets" area of the city and I discovered a boutique that carried a line of beautiful Swarovski stud earrings, I immediately wanted to buy them for my bridesmaids. Paul (the voice of reason) told me that I should probably wait until I figured out who was going to be in our bridal party (great point) so I held off. I returned home back to New York and set out to find a pair of earrings similar to the ones I had found in Amsterdam, but had no luck.  I ended up contacting the Dutch designer that I discovered in the boutique and ordered all of the pairs for my bridal party direct from the Netherlands. During my quest for the perfect pair of earrings, I started to sketch out what I was looking for and designing simple, yet incredibly beautiful, dainty pieces of jewelry.

Chloe + Lois was started in the Summer of 2018 as a side hustle while I was working in Corporate America. In the wee hours of the morning and the late evenings, I started to design jewelry and build a fun brand and online community that it positive and uplifting for Women. Things took off. Just one short year after I founded Chloe + Lois, I was fortunate enough to be able to leave my full time job in Corporate America to focus on building my brand full time.

It has always been a dream of mine to create a brand based upon an environment and a mindset that I want to live in.  and I wanted to invite others to become apart of it.  I wanted to create an community that encourages Women to become the best version of themselves and to believe in their highest potential.