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My passion for jewelry was passed down to me by Grandmother Lois at a very young age. She would always buy me jewelry; she always wore jewelry and would never leave home without it. As an avid QVC shopper, Lois had me decked out in Diamonique jewelry when I was a pre-teen. I was a really, freakin' fancy kid.

Chloe + Lois was born in August 2018 as a side hustle when I was working in Corporate America. Boy, I hated Corporate America. I grew so tired of my fate always being determined by someone else and being pushed around by bossy bosses who prided themselves on cutting down others. Can you believe that there are people in this world that pride themselves on making other people feel like crap and they do it Monday through Friday? I *literally* know a guy who does that! Woof! Corporate America wasn’t my gig, and it really took a toll on my self-esteem. I felt lost, then I decided it was time to get a glow up.

In the wee hours of the night and the early hours of the morning, I started designing jewelry and building a brand that promotes positivity and uplifts women. I created a brand based on an environment and a mindset that I wanted to live in. I wanted to create an community that encourages Women to become the best version of themselves and to believe in their highest potential. Jewelry that celebrates them and makes them feel beautiful, empowered and limitless.