ABOUT CHLOE + LOIS – Chloe + Lois



Brooke Anthony Chloe and Lois

My name is Brooke Anthony and I am the founder of Chloe + Lois. I make jewelry for beautiful, strong women (like you!) who want to look good while  conquering life.

I am located in the heart of New York's Hudson Valley, where I live in a quiet little town with my Husband and our two dogs, Chloe + Madeline.

I acquired my passion for jewelry and accessories from my late Grandmother Lois at a very young age (I was probably the youngest kid in the United States to rock Diamonique from QVC).

My passion to create and start my own line was sparked in 2017 after my Husband and I got engaged in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (my favorite place in the world).

The day after our engagement we set out for some shopping in the "9 Straatjes" (the nine streets) and that was when I walked into a boutique and immediately fell in love with the beauty and simplicity of what I was discovering to be Dutch minimalist jewelry. Within 5 minutes I thought for sure that I had found the earrings that my bridesmaids and I would wear on my wedding day. If I was going to gift them earrings, It was important that they were versatile- I wanted them to be able to rock them on the dance floor at my wedding and also behind their desk at work.

At this point, we hadn't been engaged for 24 hours, so I figured It would be best to "pump the breaks" until I explored other options, so I purchased a pair of earrings for myself and returned back to the United States on a quest to find something similar and I had no luck.

I tracked down the Owner of the Dutch jewelry line via the internet and ordered the remaining pairs that I needed from the Netherlands and had them shipped to New York- pretty extreme, huh?

Armed with a "can do" attitude and a sketch pad full of sketches that looked like a four year old drew them (but a 33 year old did), I decided to start my own line. Because I figured, If I wanted something that didn't exist, I should just create it. I set out to create a line consisting of dainty, unique pieces that were not only versatile but also built for everyday wear.

I grew up being gifted the best jewelry from my Grandmother Lois, and now I strive to pass that same quality on to my customers. All pieces in the line are Solid Sterling Silver, 14k Gold Vermeil, Rose Gold Vermeil with Swarovski, Simulated Opal and Cubic Zirconia Detail.

The line consists of pieces that are dainty, versatile, and make the perfect addition to any outfit. I won’t add anything to the collection that isn’t worthy of an “OMG” moment. I want each woman who owns my jewelry to feel incredible while wearing it.